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How to Use Computer Software for Success?

Subliminal messages and subliminal message software provide the best way I know to affect change. You can stimulate change in your personal and business life through the use of subliminal messaging software.

One point though that many fail to appreciate about subliminal approaches, is that you need to want to change in the first place. All the subliminal messages and software that you can lay your hands on will not help you succeed unless you are both willing to take action to succeed, for more details visit to and really believe you can succeed. Software is now available for you to use while you are sitting in front of your computer, which lets face it we do more and more every day. I spend at least 3 hours a day in front of my computer!

Why just be achieving one goal when you sit at the computer, why not make the best use of that time allowing subliminal messages and software help you change habits quickly.

The software runs in the background flashing messages across your screen. These messages are brief and can only just be 'seen' by the conscious mind via your eyes.
Online French lessons really encourage the student to interact with the French software and the multimedia formats really lends to a results driven, pleasurable experience.
The best foreign language software that teaches French allows the new French student to move
at their own pace. The learning is fun because of the way the French speaking software makes the learning experience interesting and upbeat. They accomplish this by using auditory as well as visual learning cues just like the traditional French classes that you would have to drive miles to attend. But with the French software you can learn from the convenience of your home and the comfort of your couch instead of some stuffy French classroom. Their power however lies in their ability to reach your subconscious mind and register their meaning there. This is where they have most effect.

The other advantage of using computer software for this is that there are many programmers available both free and paid for. You have a great range to choose from. Before making choices ensure that you can test the subliminal software for free. There's no point in paying for something that may not work for you!

Give the software at least 2 weeks to work before passing judgment. For more details visit to You will start to notice change happening slowly at first and soon thereafter more rapidly as your confidence in this method grows.

Subliminal messages definitely work, of that there is no doubt. The software just makes it simpler and faster for you to apply the changes you need.

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Some Useful Tips to Know Your Powerful Software!

When it comes to software it is hard to know which one to choose there are so many brands that offer the same services. You know the quality and the functionality of the programs are different but you have no way to tell which you will prefer by looking at the box. Luckily many software companies have made it easy for you to try before you buy. If you are looking for commercial software that will fit all of your needs the best way to test it out is to get the demoware. Demo ware is a free trial of the software that you can use with fully functioning scripts for a limited time.

Some demoware will let you use the program free of charge for up to 6 weeks. If you download a demoware program and you are not pleased with it you have wasted nothing. You can simply delete it from your computer and try another brand. Not all software companies release their programs as demoware. Sometimes you will find them as shareware. For more details visit to Shareware differs from demoware because it is usually not fully functioning. Shareware is downloaded with limited access to the full scripts of the program. That means that while you can get a feel for how the program works you must pay for the license before you can try out all the features. There is always the risk that after paying for
the program the features that were blocked will not live up to their expectations despite the fact that you were given a preview.

If you are interested in finding demoware or shareware for a particular program or if you would just like to see what is available you can visit a commercial software directory. This is a place online where all kinds of software are available for free download. You may find very useful software that you never knew existed when you visit a commercial software directories. For more details visit to Many of these sites will even offer forums where software users can discuss the best programs available. This can be very helpful when you are not familiar with the many different software manufacturers. Next time you need a piece of software for your business visit a commercial software directories and try before you buy. You might even be lucky enough to find a freeware program that has unrestricted scripts for an unlimited time. That means that you try but never have to buy. Now that is an all around good deal.

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Unearthing the Power of Ibm – Rational Functional Tester 7.0 (rft)

Most of the professionals in the Software Testing & Quality Assurance
domain must be aware of IBM’s Rational Functional Tester, popular by its nick name - RFT.

This article is aimed at providing an overview of this most powerful next generation functional-testing and automation tool from Rational and is based upon object-oriented technology. Earlier it was known as RobotJ and XDE Tester.

Overview of

Rational Functional Tester:

RFT provides us choice among two scripting languages and two development environments i.e. Java under Eclipse framework, alternatively Visual Basic.NET under Microsoft Visual Studio. One of the great plus point of RFT is that irrespective of the scripting language and the development environment deployed for development, we can easily integrate RFT with them while developing the tests for automation.

RFT helps us in quickly testing many variety types of applications. It enables testers to create scripts at a much rapid pace by doing script recording in the AUT & enables testing of all the objects and data conveniently.

Benefits of Rational Functional Tester at a Glance:

The current version of IBM Rational Functional Tester 7.0 integrating with ClearQuest provides strong test management functionality which includes; Planning of tests, Execution of tests followed by analysis of the test results. Integration with ClearQuest is a major mile stone, which offers new features much, demanded by most of the progressive QA enterprises of today’s time.

Few of the benefits offered are:

1) Sound web interface

2) Support for Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

3) Support for testing HTML applications using Mozilla Firefox 2.0

4) Seamless integration with Eclipse

5) Support for Eclipse Test and Performance Tools Platform (TPTP) logs

6) Support for Siebel 7.8 and SAP

7) Support for playback on Red Hat Linux 9.0, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0 and SuSE Linux Professional 9.0.
8) Greater defect integration

9) Enhanced database support

10) Powerful test management & reporting

11) Greater querying capabilities

12) Extension of support to geographically distributed teams

13) Process advice using IBM Rational Process Advisor

Complete article along with hundreds of Interview Questions on RFT can be read here >>>>>>>>

Complete article along with hundreds of Interview Questions on RFT can be read here >>>>>>>>

Unearthing the Power of IBM – Rational Functional Tester 7.0 (RFT)

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Dynamics Gp Partner Newsflash: Automatic Great Plains Installation and Update

Traditionally Great Plains consultants were installing Microsoft Dynamics GP directly from CD on each workstation, including Terminal or Citrix server. In large organization IT department has a tendency to control software installation for each user, including ERP and Accounting system centrally. In Dynamics GP 10.0 and 9.0 you have Installation Package functionality, which allows you to exercise this control. In this small publication we would like to give you guidelines and ideas on where to get more info:\

1. To create installation package, please insert Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 CD1 (or GP 9.0 CD1, if you are on version 9.0 respectively). Click on Create Installation Package. You will be prompted to select Package folder – we recommend you to use UNC path, which is open to each Great Plains user in your organization, then follow simple decision making steps, we would like to dedicate special paragraph to the decisions

2. Reports file location. On the Dictionary Location screen you can either choose local path for Reports.Dic or switch to network folder. Let us stop here for the few
seconds. If you have only couple of Dynamics GP users, then it is not a big deal to copy Reports.dic version, when reports have been modified (normally SOP Blank Invoice form, where you place your company logo, payment remittance information, etc). In large company, where you have maybe hundred Great Plains users, there is good idea to have all the users to share the same Reports.dic with approved modified reports

3. Forms. If you are familiar with Modifier with VBA, you know that you can modify existing GP forms in Modifier by taking off some fields, placing new fields and attaching VBA script to them. Modifier with VBA allows you to create very simple customization without appealing to your Great Plains reseller to program it for you

4. OLE Notes. As you probably already know, OLE notes allow you to attach OLE compliant objects (Excel, Word documents, Pictures, for example). In order for all the users to be able to open OLE notes, attached by one of the users, you should place OLE notes to the network folder

5. Letters. Typical example would be collection letters. The same idea, consider placing them on the network to share for all the users

6. Distributing GP Installation. After you are done with the Installation Package creation, in the installation folder you should see two files: Setup.exe and GreatPlains.msi. The link to Setup.exe could be emailed to your users, who is chosen for Great Plains installation, and MSI file could be placed into user profile policy or group policy for automatic deployment

7. Automatic Updates. Installation Package is created off the original manufactured Great Plains CD1 and 2. In reality, you have to apply GP Service Packs on the regular base, plus if you are using GP add-ons – you distribute them in the form of Chink files with CNK extension. Service packs typically include all the earlier SPs and patches. To publish update for you GP users, you have to first install it on your GP server and then enable for the users in Tools->Setup->System->Manage Automatic Client Updates window. Update is placed in Syupdate table. Control is pretty tight – if user doesn’t agree to the update – Great Plains closes and doesn’t allow the user to keep working

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The Best Craigslist Proxy

Do you have or are you considering setting up a Craigslist proxy? If you have been forced down the road of setting up or looking for your own Craigslist proxy, then these tips may be of use and will help you select the best proxy to use.

Knowing that you need a proxy to post on Craigslist if you are outside of the USA and knowing what to look for in one are two very different things. If you are trying to select the right configuration for your proxy server, make sure it passes all of
the below.

* Make sure it is 100% anonymous - Typically, proxy sellers will state in bold letters that their proxies are 100% anonymous. Many use this as nothing more than a tactic to draw in customers. The best way to find out if they are lying or not is by loading up and seeing what is displayed. If it shows anything like that you are using a proxy, it won't work for Craigslist.

* Multiple IPs - You will need multiple IPs. One IP isn't enough unless you are only posting 1 or 2 ads a day. Check that the proxy provider has no problem with multiple IPs.

* FAST - Typically, you will find yourself using proxies that are so slow, you feel like jumping out a window. So slow in fact that it would take years to do what you need. Check the speed of your proxy by web surfing around or using the "ping" command in the command window. You want a proxy that isn't slow when web surfing or has around a 200 - 300ms ping time.

Having a proxy server is great and very useful to many people, but be sure to keep the above advice in mind the next time you go looking to setup your own server. If your proxy server doesn't meet the above criteria, then it is most likely not suitable for posting ads on Craigslist with and should not be used. You will be much better off by investing in your own Craigslist proxy to post ads with.

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